Sell Your Car in Longview, TX

It’s no secret that right now is the best time to sell your car. Several reasons go into why the values are up right now but plain and simple, there is a shortage of used cars and we want to buy yours! We make it simple, easy, and convenient to sell your car to Hebert’s Town & Country, just an hour east of Longview, Texas.

Cars depreciating is a tale as old as time. Every financial guru says that cars are a depreciating asset and should be treated as such. Well if this last year has taught us anything, it’s that we don’t know what’s going to be laid out in our path. Between factory shutdowns, logistic squeezes, and parts shortages, all those factors go into the fact that we are running out of new cars to sell. Since we don’t have any new cars to sell, we need used cars! Instead of going to the auction or buying cars from other dealerships, we would much rather make you a fantastic offer on your clean, well-kept used car so we have inventory!

Our process is simple. We will take a quick look at your vehicle. This appraisal process can be done in as little as 15 minutes. From there, we handle all the paperwork for you. Own your vehicle outright and have the title documents in your name? Great! We can pay you for it immediately! Are you still paying on your loan? Not a problem! We handle all your paperwork in order to pay off your vehicle quickly and correctly. Your payments on your vehicle will stop immediately and if you are owed any equity, you will be issued that as soon as we receive the title documents from the bank. Do you owe a little more than what your vehicle is worth? Bring the difference at the time of sale and you’ll get rid of the payment!

There are many reasons you would want to sell your vehicle but don’t wait! Your vehicle will never be worth more than it currently is! Ready to sell your vehicle in Longview, Texas? Click here to start the process of selling your vehicle to Hebert’s Town & Country!