Car Accessories to Make Your Ride More Enjoyable | Hebert’s Town & Country

December 29th, 2016 by

With commuting to work, traveling to see family and reasonable gas prices (for now), people spend a ton of time in the car. We previously gave you a list of items to always keep in your car, but now we want to give you some nonessentials to make your drive more enjoyable.

At Hebert's Town And Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram we do everything we can to make sure our customers are riding in style and comfort. Keep reading to discover our must-have accessories.

1. Car charger. This one has become more crucial over the years as we take our phones, tablets and other tech with us everywhere we go. While some people can go a few days without hooking up their phones, we use ours too much. GPS is a battery zapper. Whether you have a charging cable to plug your phone directly into an outlet or port in your car, or a portable charger for those of you with older vehicles, you definitely won’t be sorry you have this with you if you’re stuck in traffic for a while.

2. Smart phone mount or holder. These are lifesavers when using your phone’s GPS. It’s never a good idea to hold your phone in one hand and drive with the other, or look down at your phone resting in a cupholder while driving. Whether it’s a suction cup on the windshield, clip on the air vent or dock you plug into the cigarette lighter, find a mount that works for you.

3. Seatbelt cover. This accessory is super useful if you’re always fighting with your seatbelt as it’s trying to cut into your neck. They come in various colors and materials (memory foam!) and you can even find cozy seatbelt covers for your little ones who like to doze in their carseats.

4. Sunshades. Using sunshades all year long will protect your dashboard and front seats, but summer is when you need them the most. A cheap sunshade is the best way to keep your car from becoming a sauna from May to September, especially if you have leather. We like the shades that fold up into a flat circle.

5. Air freshener. Fresheners are available in more scents than we can list in this short post and come in vent clips, cans that go under the seat, hang over the rearview mirror and more. If you have kids who play sports and/or dogs, we suggest you stock up. We’re partial to the new car smell.