First-Ever Jeep Igloo Playmate Coolers

May 7th, 2022 by

Jeep is one of the most trusted brands and has been for more than 80 years. Igloo also has a long history of being a pillar in the cooler community and has been for over 70 years. Both companies began in the 1940s and still hold strong positions in their respected industries today. Now, Jeep and Igloo have combined forces to bring you the first-ever Jeep Igloo cooler! If you’re interested in this historical marriage, keep reading. This story is one for the ages and we at Hebert’s Town and Country in Shreveport, Louisiana have all the details.

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The Jeep Cooler

Both companies have had amazing and long adventures with plenty of success and recognition. Now, both are going on a new adventure together with the Jeep Igloo Playmate cool and it has Igloo, Jeep, cooler and automobile lovers buzzing.  Igloo designed Jeep stickers for the Playmate with custom graphics that showcase the instantly recognizable Jeep seven-slot grille, Jeep’s brand logo and ones that are adventure-inspired. The adventure stickers emulate someone who would collect their travels in sticker form then place them on their cooler. These coolers look awesome! Between the fun artwork, Jeep brand graphics and the fact that they’re made by a top cooler manufacturer, they’re the coolest coolers for 2022. 


Jeep was born in the 1940s and it was built for battle. Today, the Jeep is a machine meant for civilians and still provides amazing on and off-road abilities along with new and advanced technology. Jeep has a brand has won countless awards and produces cutting-edge vehicles like the new Jeep Wrangler 4xe and the Grand Cherokee 4xe

Igloo also began in the 1940s and the cooler company truly redefined how we live, work and play. Igloo wanted to accomplish the goal of bringing clean water to the worksite and there are now 1,200 employees who operate out of a 1.8 million-square-foot factory in Katy, Texas.

Playmate is an Igloo cooler that first hit shelves in 1971, putting this cooler at 50+ years on the market. It immediately became recognizable and was seen almost everywhere. Your family had a Playmate cooler growing up right? Ours did! It was the perfect lunch box and drink chiller for the worker, adventurer, beachgoer and much more.

The Jeep Igloo Playmate cooler is now available for purchase and it comes in two different color options, Sapphire and Carbon. The cooler is also 7 quarts and can hold nine cans. We at Hebert’s Town and Country love adventures and we’re ecstatic about these sweet new coolers. We can’t wait to add them to our personal collections. 

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