Road Tripping 101

July 3rd, 2020 by

Now that we’ve made it through a rough spring, summer is finally here! Time to pack up the kids and set out on a road trip for some quality time out of the house. Family road trips can be fun and exciting, but it’s always a challenge to get to your vacation destination with your sanity intact. Part of having a great road trip is being prepared with everything you’ll need to make it stress-free. We at Hebert’s Town and Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Shreveport would like to offer a few road-trip tips on what to pack to make your vacation a memorable, hassle-free experience with the family. 

SNACK CONTAINERS: When you’re traveling with the kids, it can get a bit messy with the snacks, with crumbs and old food between the seat cushions turning up for months. A great way to keep the mess at a minimum is recycling used coffee creamer containers into snack containers. They are easy to fill up with the kids’ favorite snack, feature a snap lid that closes tight to prevent spills, and they’re easy to manage while on the road. 

TRASH STORAGE: With all the eating on the go people tend to do a long road trip, you might start a collection of used snack wrappers and empty beverage cans. You’ll soon run out of legroom due to all the junk! Don’t fret! The best hack for that is transforming an inexpensive plastic cereal container into a clever trash collector. Insert a small trash can liner in the cereal container and then you are ready to hit the road while keeping your ride clean. 

DIY SICK SACK: Here is a road-trip tip for those family members who are prone to getting car sick. Create a DIY ready-to-go car sickness kit out of a plastic storage bag containing the essentials: a few air-sickness bags borrowed from your next airline trip (or, in a pinch, double up brown paper bags), cleaning wipes, mints or hard candies to help fight off nausea, and over-the-counter medicines to help with motion sickness. You can also add a portable first-aid kit from your local pharmacy or retail store. 

HELPFUL SMARTPHONE APPS: For long road trips, your smartphone becomes a vital tool not only for your kids to play games on but also to give access to some road-trip-friendly apps. Might we suggest the app, SitOrSquat, which helps you find clean public restrooms while on the road. There is also GasBuddy, the app that helps find places to fill up on gas at the cheapest price. 

MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS: On one trip or another, we all have forgotten something at home, a phone charger, credit card, or prescribed medication. It is always good to take the time to make a list of the essentials you will need for your road trip. Just follow the list and this will save you time and from the stress in the long run. 

We hope these summer road-trip tips are helpful for your family when out on the open road enjoying quality family time. If you are in the market to purchase a new vehicle for your summer excursions, don’t hesitate to contact your friends at Hebert’s Town and Country CDJR in Shreveport. Let us assist you with your vehicle needs.


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