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August 24th, 2022 by

If you have a lot of gear and you find yourself running out of truck bed space, Hebert’s Town and Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Shreveport, LA has the mods and hacks for you! Truck bed racks can cost a lot of money and when installed they are fixed to stay in one position. We’ve come up with a way to get a cheap truck bed rack, around $100, that folds up to give you your bed back when needing to move equipment, furniture or gear.

Why you Need a Truck Bed Rack

A pickup truck is the perfect vehicle for summer and is more than capable of handling the fun activities and the gear that goes along with those activities. However, when loading up to go to the lake or camping for the weekend, it seems like there’s never enough room in the bed of the truck. After totes, a cooler, grill, tent, chairs and tables, the bed is full but leaving without the firewood or cornhole boards isn’t an option. It’s a bummer having to strategically select items by importance and bringing the extra items that make the weekend that much more comfortable is a huge upgrade. With a truck bed rack, the bed size is now doubled. This eliminates the stress of adding the kid’s bicycles at the last minute!

Why You Need a Ram 1500 This Summer

The Solution

A Haul-Master tri-fold aluminum loading ramp is the perfect solution! This ramp fits seamlessly on the Ram 1500 short bed, a Ford F-150, Toyota Tundra or other truck. It can be installed sideways with J-bolts, the same way truck bed toolboxes are installed, so it is safe and secure. When sideways, this ramp will fold up in case you need that room back for a wheelbarrow or to move a dresser. It can also handle 1,500 pounds. Feel free to stack whatever gear you can throw on it, and walk across it while you do!


How to Install the Rack

First, remove the rivets that hold the ramp’s feet on and then remove the feet. Next, drill one hole into each of the four corners of one of the ramp’s panels. By only securing one panel, the other two are still able to move and fold up. After the holes are drilled, use the J-bolts, washers and nuts to secure it to the top of the truck bed. Aluminum doesn’t rust but it’s still nice to plug the ends of the ramp to protect the bolt and nut within. These are cheap on Amazon. These plugs will also make the rack look more professional.

We also understand the need for a truck bed toolbox – if your Ram 1500 doesn’t already have the RamBox Cargo Management System. This rack alone still leaves space but with the toolbox added, the rack is the perfect size for your truck bed. The rack is the perfect, inexpensive way to get so much more out of your truck. No gear left behind!

If you like unique mods and hacks, pursue our tips and tricks blogs. We have more content coming on other cool modifications and hacks for your truck, including additional mods for this truck bed rack, that you won’t want to miss. After you’ve installed your new rack, stop by and see us at Hebert’s in Shreveport. We’d love to see how it turned out!

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