Quiz: Which Jeep is Right for Me?

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Decisions, decisions! Choosing a new vehicle can be as stressful as it is exciting. Even if you know you want a Jeep, there are still a lot of questions to answer. What model will serve you best in the future? Is efficiency more important than capability? What does Trail Rated mean

At Hebert’s Town and Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Shreveport, LA, we want to make your experience as fun and easy as possible. Whether you’re looking for some real insight for your car-buying process or just need a break from the pressure, take this quick quiz to find out which Jeep vehicle matches your personality!

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Question 1: What’s your ideal vacation destination?

  1. A tropical island with a jam-packed itinerary
  2. A cabin in the mountains with a cozy fireplace
  3. Camping under the stars in a national park
  4. A bustling city with lots of restaurants, nightlife, and events

Question 2: What’s your favorite holiday?

  1. New Year’s Eve
  2. Thanksgiving
  3. 4th of July
  4. Halloween

Question 3: When it comes to food, what’s your preference?

  1. Trying new and exotic restaurants
  2. Making a tried-and-true home-cooked meal
  3. Grilling your own catch of the day
  4. Exploring until you find the best dessert spot

Question 4: What superpower would you choose?

  1. Flying
  2. Force fields
  3. Super strength
  4. Shapeshifting

Question 5: How would you spend a quiet evening at home?

  1. Play video games
  2. Read a good book
  3. Start a DIY project
  4. Jam out to some good music

Question 6: Which mode of transportation would you choose?

  1. Zip-line
  2. A private limousine
  3. Classic motorcycle
  4. Old-school trolley

Question 7: It’s movie night! What flick are you picking?

  1. Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  2. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
  3. World War Z
  4. Kung Fu Panda

Question 8: Which type of event would you most enjoy attending?

  1. A music festival
  2. A family reunion
  3. A triathlon
  4. An arts and crafts fair

Question 9: What celebrity would you most want to have dinner with?

  1. Chris Evans
  2. Beyonce
  3. Derek Jeter
  4. Kevin Hart

Question 10: If you had to choose a new hobby, what would it be?

  1. White-water rafting
  2. Playing a musical instrument
  3. Woodworking
  4. Improv theater

Results: Now count up your answers and find out which Jeep is right for you!

Mostly Ones: Jeep Wrangler

You are adventurous and outgoing! You’ll love the Wrangler’s classic design, off-road capabilities, and endless customization. The Wrangler can definitely keep up with your on-the-go lifestyle and keep you from getting bored.

Mostly Twos: Jeep Grand Cherokee

You are refined and family-oriented! If safety and luxury are important to you, then there is no better match than the Grand Cherokee. Its best-in-class interior and top-tier technology will make every drive a dream.

Mostly Threes: Jeep Gladiator

You are strong and practical! You appreciate utility and love to conquer a to-do list. A 1,710-pound payload capacity and 7,700-pound towing capacity mean the Gladiator is right up your alley. 

Mostly Fours: Jeep Renegade

You are the life of the party! Whether it’s a camping trip or a game night, you are extremely social and love spending time with your friends. If you’re looking for a vehicle to match your fun-loving personality, try the Renegade!

Even mix of two or more numbers: Jeep Compass

You are a jack of all trades! You constantly defy expectations and are comfortable in a wide variety of settings. The Compass offers that signature Jeep utility in a convenient and sporty package.

Remember, this quiz is just for fun! If you’d like to schedule a test drive, or learn more about a specific Jeep vehicle, reach out to the knowledgeable sales team at Hebert’s Town and Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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