Fun Ways to Use Your Truck Bed

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Man sitting and smiling in a homemade pool in the back of his truck bed

Moving furniture. Hauling tools. Pulling trailers of mulch. Sometimes, it seems like being a truck owner is all work and no play. At Hebert’s Town and Country Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Shreveport, Louisiana, we don’t want our customers to forget how much fun having a pickup can be. Yes, trucks are practical, but they also make a lot of unique activities and memorable moments possible. Read below for eight cool ways you can utilize your truck bed! 

Construct a redneck pool! This one is a classic. All you need is a tarp or waterproof liner, a hose, and voila! You can beat the heat with your very own pool.

Host an outdoor movie! Create an unforgettable night with your own private drive-in. Set up a large screen or bedsheet, hook up a projector, and use pillows and blankets to get comfy in the bed of your truck. If you don’t have a projector, curling up with a laptop in your truck bed also makes for an excellent date night.

Partake in a local parade! Have some fun and support your community by entering your truck into a nearby parade. Get creative with decorations, fly some colorful flags, and throw out candy. You can also offer to drive a local organization or school club.

Unique Ways to Upgrade Your Truck

Camping tent in a truck bed

Go camping! Explore the great outdoors by transforming your truck bed into a cozy camping spot. Set up a truck tent or design your own setup with a mattress, curtains, and storage compartments.

Have an elevated picnic! Turn your truck into the perfect dining area for a family hike or romantic day trip. You can lay a large quilt and some trays in your bed, or build a mobile picnic table if you’re feeling handy.

Take the kids on a hayride! Hayrides are an iconic autumn activity but are a blast any time of year. Line your bed with hay bales and take the kids on a scenic ride around your property or neighborhood.

Even More Creative Ways to Enhance Your Truck

Group of friends talking around their bicycles in a truck bed

Have your own bike rack! If you’re an avid cyclist, maximize your truck’s utility by installing a bike rack in the bed. Being able to safely transport and store your bike will be worth every penny!

Turn your bed into a giant cooler! When it’s time to party, you can turn your truck bed into the ultimate cooler. Line the bed with a waterproof tarp and fill it with ice to hold all the drinks and snacks you could ever need. You’ll definitely be the MVP of your next tailgate.

From impromptu pool parties to cozy camping setups, a truck offers endless possibilities for fun and creativity. Wishing you had your own truck to test some of these ideas out? We can help you find the perfect one at Hebert’s Town and Country CDJR in Shreveport, Louisiana!

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