Jeep Trucks Through the Years

December 19th, 2018 by

The all-new 2020 Jeep Gladiator is the latest truck to be made by the legendary Jeep brand. This pickup is based on the Wrangler JL body style all while building on the heritage of the many cool Jeep trucks that came before it. That heritage goes all the way back to 1947 with one-ton 4WD pickup by Willys Overland that was based on the CJ-2A.

Here’s an overview of each Jeep truck model and generation.

JEEP PICKUP, 1947-1965

This was Willys-Overland’s first go at creating something other than the CJ. The Jeep Pickup had a 118-inch wheelbase that saw little change throughout its run.

JEEP FC-150/170 PICKUP, 1957-1965

These Jeeps were forward-control and basically were work trucks with an 81-inch wheelbase for the FC-150 and a 103.5-inch wheelbase for the FC-170. Some of the 1959 and ’60 models had full-floating front and rear axles, while some of the FC-170s had dual rear wheels and a four-speed manual transmission.


The original Gladiator looked a bit like the Wagoneer when it debuted in 1963 as a 120-inch J-200 and 126-inch J-300 with a Dana 20 transfer case. The Gladiator nameplate was dropped in 1972.

JEEP CJ-8 SCRAMBLER, 1981-1985

The Scrambler was very much like the CJ-7 but it had a longer wheelbase. Internationally it was known as the CJ-8 and available as both a hard and soft top. The Scrambler is sought after today by collectors as there were less than 30,000 built.

JEEP COMANCHE (MJ), 1986-1992

The Comanche was the last truck Jeep made and was based on the Cherokee platform. In 1987, the truck’s bed extended to six feet and later models offered Command-Track or Selec-Trac four-wheel-drive.

Jeep has come out with some awesome trucks throughout the years and looking back on these is making us even more excited for the 2020 Gladiator.

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